*swoon* Paperchase shop back in Norwich

When I moved back down to Norfolk, it's amazing to see the changes.... my biggest disappointment when I visited Norwich again was the closure of Borders!  Sad enough to see such a huge and lovely bookstore go, but hidden in it's depths was a Paperchase concession!  So bye bye borders, and paperchase.

Luckily at the crop on Saturday, Lisa kindly let me know that there is now a Paperchase shop in Norwich.... good job I was off down the very street the next day... so guess where my first stop was!

Had Mr W in two, so couldn't fully be myself (think kid in willy wonkas factory) but I managed a decent snout round.  They're really starting to excel themselves in goodies now, and I personally adore their 'blanks' ranges, boxes, books etc all in natural kraft to decorate yourself.

This was my favourite, not only is it crying to decorate, but hidden inside are blank pages, lined pages, graph pages, kraft pocket pages, and then photo protector pockets in differing sizes... how perfect?  So this one is now being turned into my baking bible.... it's FINALLY time to start writing it all down for my future baking offspring :)

I was even more impressed when I looked at the back and it was only £7!  Yum 

And of course, I defy anyone to nip in there without coming out with a pack of totally cute puffy stickers.... £1 a pack!!  Bargain!

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