Canvas for littl'uns room

I absolutely love the Japanese 'Zakka' kitsch-ness.  Kind of a girly version of pokemon and anime I think, lots of cute pictures and colours.  Mixing cartoon with 'real' pictures, and putting faces onto food, plenty of pink and sparkles, whats not to love?

I just grabbed this canvas off the floor yesterday morning, it's driving me mad sitting there blank, and after decorating the one for a friend last week, decided it needed something doing with it.

Originally I painted it 'lemonade' but when I'd painted the rainbow on, it just wasn't right, and needed to be sky blue instead.

I knew I was going to paint the cloud and rainbow, but wasn't sure where to go from there, until I thought about the momiji dolls that I know one of my friends daughters collects.  I printed a couple of the momiji's off of the net, cut them out and added Prima frosted wings.

The cloud is filled in with modelling paste, the rainbow was drawn and painted with acrylic and then I used imagination glitz gel to outline each colour

I added the second doll as the first one looked a little lonely.  To attempt the zakka kitsch-ness I added a sunshine with a smiley face, and added a face to the cloud (which is the bit i'm not totally sure about, it just doesn't look quite right)

I've added some drawn in speech bubbles and music notes to make it look like they're singing angels.  I think munchkin will like it, it's got dolls, wings, sparkle and a rainbow, but still not sure myself.... more practise needed!

S x

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