Chocolate / Black Forest Cupcakes

It was my baby brothers birthday last week, and since he is one of these people who you can't buy anything for, as he has everything, I decided to make him cupcakes instead.

He's particularly fussy, only eats chocolate sponge cake.... which anyone who knows me will know, chocolate cupcakes are my enemy!  They always sink!

Had a bit of success with them on my birthday, so thought I'd brave it again, and here we are.....

Wasn't in the mood for messing around with buttercream this time, so the frosting is whipped fresh cream with a melted bar of dairy milk mixed in... The black forest ones have cherry compote in the centre of the cream.

And no sinking.... now if only I had written down what I did..... LOL

Need to crack on with my cupcake recipe book!

Steph x

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