Melt Pot Madness

I finally got myself a melt pot a couple of weeks ago, and finally had chance to play, I mean, make a mess with it yesterday, with several colours of UTEE, some UTEE flex, angelina fibres, cosmic shimmer foils stamps, inks and a whole lot of mess (sorry mum) and some cookie cutters

Here's my results.... lol

I'd watched some demos on Youtube by Suze (who is fab!)  so had a go at a few things...

Melting several colours in the melt pot, swirling them, pouring them onto a craft sheet and putting cookie cutters in (circles and flower shapes)

Placing a cookie cutter over a magazine piccie and pouring in UTEE, allow to cool, then just peel off of magazine page:

Just some random stuff with UTEE, foils, perfect pearls and fibres...

And this one, which I half took from youtube, and half from the lovely Julies blog hop project here

I did enjoy it, but I need a lot more time, ideas and peace and quiet oh, and some more UTEE since I used most of mine! lol  

S x

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Natalie said...

Absolutely marvelous!! I must get some UTEE!!

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