At 28...... a new start

So.... Saturday was my birthday, I am now officially 'almost 30' and have reached a very respectable 28 years old and have under my belt... GCSE's, A-levels, 4 different jobs, 2 children, 1 wedding, 1 divorce, 2 years of my own business.  Wow.  So my next project is to set myself some goals for my 29th year.... definitely a mini-book or project in the making!

But that is for later posts

Was a very lucky girl for men and flowers this birthday :)  These lovely flowers from my lovely fella

and this beautiful orchid from my lovely friends at the Exhall Scrapbook Group delivered by Tracie's lovely son who also did me some magic tricks :)

I do seriously aim to get organised this year.  And definitely to spend more time crafting!  The admin side takes up so much time, that I forget to actually enjoy my business as my hobby too.  Hopefully the start of my own crop ( will start me crafting again!


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Natalie said...

and upwards!!!!

Be good to yourself now - you deserve it!!
N xx

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