Too much stuff!!

Since shutting down the shop, I've offloaded as much stock as possible, and three times I've been through my craft room, tidied and sorted it.

I've finally realised what my problem is though, I just cannot bear to use anything pretty!! Anything I've personally bought is just the prettiest and most gorgeous that I've loved, and it's just sitting there for me to continue to covet, stroke and stash away....

I've been working out the best way to deal with my "problem" and I think I will have to open up every packet, so it doesn't look quite so 'pretty' as when it's first presented, and next time I'm faced with a stack of gorgeous papers (currently quite a lot of glittery lovely my minds eye) I'm just going to get scissors and hack at it... once it's cut I'll HAVE to find a use for it.

Ok, time to get the kids off to school, and then *wish me luck* that I can find some crafty mojo within! :)

Back soon xx

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Julie Cliff said...

Hi Steph! Its Julie over at Vintage and Cake, do you want to take a peek at my blog??!!! xx

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