Inspiration...... Zentangles

Have you ever seen/heard of zentangles? (or zendoodles I've heard them called too)

I first came across these on Chell's blog, and think they're fab!! (she is sooooooo good at them!)

If you haven't seen one, have a look at this...

(found on

I'm sure you've all sat and doodled at one time or another, whilst you're chatting, or on the phone, or thinking.... zentangles were born from this sort of thing, apparently whilst the person was doodling she realised the kind of meditative state she went into.

Head on over to google and pop in the word zentangle, and have a look round.... if you're coming on our retreat, why not use your luvverly new notebook to try a few out, see what doodles you do, and what you come up with, ready to swap in November.....

Steph x

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